I.   Fantasia for Wind Quintet and Piano Four-Hands

   II.  Teintes Parfois Grinçantes for Baritone Saxophone and Piano

  III.  Journaux Eparpilles for Clarinet

  IV.   Im Zusammenhang for Clarinet

  V.    Pavane Blagueuse for English Horn and Guitar

  VI.   Allure Degingandee for Clarinet and Guitar

  VII.  Bombs onto Montecassino Abbey for Violin and Guitar

  VIII. Sette Bozzetti Disarmonici for Guitar

  IX.   Suite Sudamericana for Guitar

  X.    Drôles Allégories for Guitar

  XI.   Suite Sublime Rien(s) for Guitar

  XII.  Pavane pour une Chevelure Rousse for Guitar

  XIII.  Seguidilla for sopano singer and guitar

  XIV.  Otto Ricami for soprano singer and piano

  XV.   Grave Solenne for Pipe Organ


  XVI.    Impossible Riddles for Piano and String Quartet

  XVII.   Marcia funebre sul canto 'Bandiera Rossa'

  XVIII.  'Komm, süßer Tod' [BWV 478] for Pipe Organ

  XIX.    Aurore dans l'étang for Pipe Organ

  XX.    Trois Estampes pour piano

  XXI.    Six Nocturnes pour piano

  XXII.   Trois Tableaux selon Erik Satie

  XXIII.  Trois Impromptus pour piano

  XXIV.  Intimités dévoilées, atmosphères pour clavecin

  XXV.   Plénitude archétypale, contrepoints pour clavecin

  XXVI.  Coliambo for Flute Ensemble and Percussion

  XXVII. Ossequio per Händel for piano

  XXVIII. Paragoge for clarinet and piano

  XXIX.   Gerbere for solo clarinet

  XXX.   Soprano Opera Arias from 'Moby Dick'





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